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TDS is the first intelligent dry separation in the world whose separation precision is higher than water separation (jig) which has a long term and steady operation in the coal industry.

TDS as the  first intelligent dry sorter sorting accuracy over washing (jig) and intelligent dry separation equipment in the coal industry long-term stable operation.

TDS can be used for 300mm-25mm coal sorting. The maximum model TDS40 can handle 400t/h. TDS can replace hand pick belt, jig and DM coal washer.


1.TDS Introduction

TDS Telligent Dry Separator solely developed by Tianjin Meiteng Technology CO.Ltd. TDS is a disruptive innovation to the conventional mineral processing method which remained for over 100 years. By x-ray technology and image identification technology, deeply learn and calculation method are used for TDS to identify coal and reject, which realizes accurate identification and separation for coal with no water, no medium, no slime generation, low operation cost and high yield of coarse coal. 


TDS technology-theory


Meiteng publishes classical type which can be produced in quantity with low investment and short supply period, so it is very suitable for clients with small scale plant, and easy separation.

2.Meiteng has the independent intellectual property right

Meiteng independently developed TDS, it has explosion-proof and radiation proof certificates.


Patents obtained


Explosion-proof and radiation proof certificates obtained

3.TDS equipment features & typical applications

1)Equipment features

·                  High sorting precision: Meiteng guarantees the efficiency of coal in reject 1-3% and reject in coal 3-5%. Separation precision is close to heavy medium bath separators and far higher than ROM-jig, jig and other dry separation equipment. 

·                  Wide sorting size range: TDS can deal with 300-50 mm and 100-25 mm raw coal with 300 mm upper separation limit and 25 mm lower separation limit. 

·                  Large capacity: The largest type TD40 has a 380/h capacity. Take 8.0Mt/a CHPP as an example, 300-50 mm lump coal can be treated with only one TDS40.

·                  High level of intelligence: intelligent learning system, and built-in self-testing.

·                  Considerate and professional design: All components are designed complying with explosion-proof standards, passed the explosion certification test and met national standards. Access to radiation safety licenses. Efficient dust-extractor is equipped.

·                  Safe and reliable: key components are world famous brands.

 2Application scenario

·        TDS can replace hand pick belt which will handle problems such as low sorting rate, poor working environment, high-intensity work. TDS can improve factories’ automation level. Meanwhile, TDS can solving problems of over sizing particles and sundries in raw coal. 

·        TDS replace of ROM-jig or DMV (Dense Medium Vessel), in coking coal plant as preprocessing equipment. TDS is a system simple, energy saving and environmental protection equipment.

·        TDS replace of lump coal jig or dense medium washing, to produce fine coal. TDS can reduce the cost of production efficiently.

·        TDS create a new process of power coal separation. TDS (300-50mm) + DMV(50-6mm) + flip-flop screen and cross screen 6 mm powder removal process.

·        TDS is suitable for water shortage areas and lignite separation. Also it’s suitable to separate raw coal with high water content and raw coal with water content increased after mixing with water. Therefore, TDS is in a unique position to be used underground.

·                  Non-coal mineral separation (kaolinite).

 4. TDS catalog table

TDS has large lump type series and middle lump type series. A reasonable type selection should not only guarantee the process capacity, but also ensure the sorting accuracy. And, spread rate is key factor of equipment selection.



5. TDS industrial test

TDS is a kind of new technology, different from conventional dense medium coal preparation method. TDS is based on X-Ray transmission recognition technology. Since raw coal’s constituent elements is different in different coal mine, to avoid technical risk to customers, Meiteng set up a prototype TDS in workshop at Tianjin, China. Before signing any contract, customer can transport there material example to Meiteng workshop for industrial test. And customer can participate in the experiment throughout the course.


Welcome the customers to come to the study and experiment, and we are looking forward to introducing our technology to all customers.


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